Luke Duncan – Guitar
Callum Brand – Guitar
Liam Shaw – Drums
Calum Farquharson – Bass

Formed, at the start of 2012,  A Sudden Burst Of Colour are an Instrumental Rock quartet from Motherwell, Scotland. ”Think somewhere in the massive void between Massive Attack and The Deftones” (Cast the Net Promotions). The band have steadily been building a following across the UK and abroad following the release of their debut EP ‘Reborn’. This has been reflected in the bands Radio coverage on BBC Radio 1 with Ally McCrae , Scottish Fiction with Neil Wilson and various international radio stations such as Nowlikephotographs in Canada, Post-Rock in Turkey & Stereofox in Eastern Europe.


The debut 3 track EP ‘Reborn’ was released independently in April 2013 and is available in both physical and digital formats, which can be found on the Music page. The EP was officially released at a sold out show in Glasgow on April, 5th 2013. ‘Reborn’ received substantial coverage and glowing feedback from various online music networks such as Glasswerk, Earmilk, Stereofox & Postrockstar. In accordance with ‘Reborn’, the debut single ‘Zen’ was released along with an official video.

In February of 2015, the band released their 2nd EP which is entitled ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’. Find the lead singles ‘Yume’ & ‘Riptide’ below. ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’ premiered on Arctic Drones and is currently receiving extremely positive reviews from around the globe.

Alongside this release, A Sudden Bust of Colour joined the roster of Good Grief Records, an independent record label based in Glasgow. “There’s always been something bright and airy and bright about A Sudden Burst Of Colour’s particular distillation of ambient and post-rock stylings. Far from the slow-burn, solemn hypnotism of Scotland’s post-rock lineage, the 4-piece Motherwell outfit very much have their own take on the (albeit very loose) genre. Projecting sun-blushed, shimmering orchestrations, there’s a definite atmosphere to their music; a blissful serenity translated through the busily syncopated guitar and bass melodies and intertwining dance rhythms” (Good Grief Records)

”With rich dynamics heaped upon varied textures and layers of music, most of their set was simply astonishing to hear” (New Hellfire Club).

” The band’s debut release, the three track Reborn EP is now available as a free download, and is well worth a listen. There is clearly real musical talent at work here. Instrumental music isn’t to everyone’s taste but the pleasing melodic and at times ambient textures that the band creates are rich and varied” (Glasswerk). 

”Within this EP are three songs. Each song demonstrates their architectural awareness, as they develop them with intricate dynamics. Reborn demonstrates the some of the core aspects of post-rock and is a great listen for anyone who is a fan of anything instrumental” (Earmilk)

“OK, now back on the band that characterizes everything I love about this kind of music – A Sudden Burst Of Colour! These guys have been around for just a few months, but their concept of music is so well-developed! The track grabs you by the shoulders and it doesn’t let you get bored throughout the 5:25” (Stereofox) 

”Their sound is stunning and not even a thousand words could express the imagery they create through their sound” (Gobophotography Glasgow)

”A band with a regal attitude who unflinchingly craft regal soundscapes, there is a lot to love in A Sudden Burst of Colour’s music” (Matt Baggins)


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