NHC Fundraiser Gig Review @ Pivo


A Sudden Burst of Colour” are an incredibly talented fresh band who bring to the table an exceptional concoction of musical skill, style and enthusiasm. They are a collective of four individuals who create a sound that is atmospheric, ambient and dominating enabling the listeners spirits to become elevated with crashing crescendos and melodic upbeat rhythms. Their sound is positive, light and forward thinking and their passion for playing is plain to see as they unify solid as one when performing on stage. They played to perfection at the N.H.F.C and I can only see great things for these young lads in the future. The Lad’s submerge themselves in music as much as possible and work hard at bringing new material to the fore-front. Currently releasing their stunning instrumental track “Reborn” their creativity rate is sustaining and high productive. They are currently playing the Glasgow circuit along with all the rest of the well known names in Psychedelic/ Shoegaze Rock such as “The Cherry Wave” and “Aperture” A sudden Burst of Colour demonstrate every time they are completely about the music and this shines through immensely as soon as they play their tracks on stage. Their sound is stunning and not even a thousand words could express the imagery they create through their sound. This is a true skill and I believe these lads will become true masters of their sound in time to come. Please give A sudden burst of colour a listen here and find out just how incredible they sound.

Thank you Gobophotography Glasgow.

Zen Acoustic Session

Due to our debut music video for ‘Zen’ clocking over 5000 views, we decided to film & record this alternate version yesterday.Cheers to everyone has watched or shared the video this far. Apologies for being the 4 most serious men, we were trying very hard not to melt.

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